Debra inspires individuals to achieve their personal and professional best.

Debra Penzone’s consulting and training seminars provide individuals at every stage of their careers and lives with practical and effective strategies for looking, feeling, and working better. Debra’s enthusiasm is contagious, and her passion for improving and balancing all facets of an individual’s life will leave attendees feeling revitalized and motivated to make positive changes and achieve their goals.

Seminar Topics

Re-invent Your Image, Re-energize Your Career and Renew Your Spirit

In this multifaceted seminar, Debra will show how self-image, career goals and spirit are intertwined, and explain the benefits of a balanced life. Attendees will begin by learning how face shape, hairstyle, hair color and skin type contribute to each individual’s unique beauty. Debra will then explain how a reinvented image can help you feel better and re-energize your career. Employees at all stages of their careers will gain understanding of the touch points that lead to success and purpose as a professional. Let Debra show you how to renew your spirit by channeling image and career dreams and turning them into reality.

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Beauty at Any Age

Debra’s extensive experience with one of the world’s best spas has allowed her to learn and perfect the best beauty secrets for individuals of all ages. This fun and informative session will teach you easy tips for optimal skin and hair care that can reduce the signs of aging and emphasize your true beauty.

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