Debra speaks your audience’s language.

Learn how to create extraordinary experiences for guests and employees that will give your business or organization two of the most important ingredients for success: repeat customers and a satisfied, loyal staff. Debra’s keynote speeches deliver insightful and useful advice that will keep every member of your audience engaged.

Keynote Topics

Go the Distance—Delivering Guest Services Like a Champion

Debra will share proven strategies for creating a lasting impression with each and every guest. Learn how to provide outstanding service, shape an environment that exceeds expectations, and offer a positive and meaningful experience during each guest visit. This keynote speech will give audience members the inspiration they need to transform every guest into a loyal and repeat customer.

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Creating a Purposeful Work Environment

This keynote outlines the steps to creating a corporate environment employees can embrace. Learn how to empower employees to find purpose in their work and invoke employee commitment and dedication. Discover ways to incorporate family values into your company’s mission. Adopt techniques for celebrating special moments, anniversaries, birthdays and awards. And find out how to deliver the highest quality guest services possible. Debra’s address will leave you ready to transform your corporate environment from the inside out.

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