Get Involved…Volunteer!

I live by a few mantras.  “Live your passion” and “Find your purpose.”  I find that these mantras have encouraged me to support many local and national non-profit organizations.  Do you currently volunteer for an organization? If not, I highly recommend doing so!

Time and time again, I have found that no matter what I give, I get back so much more in experiences! Nothing can compare to rolling up your sleeves and getting hands on with a cause that you are passionate about. If you’re not sure what kind of volunteering you want to take part in, or you’re having trouble finding the time, find it. Trust me!  Your life will feel fulfilled and you’ll discover a greater purpose of being!

There are a few ways in which you can find volunteer opportunities that are a good fit for you.  First off, it is important to find an organization related to your passion. Finding volunteer opportunities that coincide with your hobbies and interests is a great way to get involved. I am very passionate about helping those who have been affected by the ugly disease of cancer.  I’ve witnessed far too many family members, co-workers and guests battle this terrible disease.  As many of you know, another passion of mine is the beauty industry.

That’s why I volunteer to organize a team for the Look Good, Feel Better program. I get the opportunity to train industry professionals how to teach beauty techniques to breast cancer patients in local hospitals. This opportunity is so meaningful to me because it combines two of my passions. I also enjoy exercise such as running and cycling. I volunteer for an incredible organization called Girls on the Run where I get to interact with and encourage young girls to develop self confidence- all while incorporating exercise! I also participate inPelotonia, a cycling event that helps raise money for cancer research. See how you are able to take a hobby or talent and find a nonprofit related to it that needs your volunteer efforts? It’s an extremely rewarding way to get involved!

Now that you know you want to find an organization related to your specific passion, you might need help actually seeking out that organization. There are resources online that can help you find the perfect match. is a great website to search for organizations in your area that need help.

There are also several resources specific to Central Ohio that help pair volunteers with organizations that need help. Check out Hands on Central Ohio and Columbus Gives Back. They allow you to browse volunteer opportunities to see which align with your interests and availability. Many of the opportunities are for one-time events which is great for those who are busy because you don’t have to commit to an extended period of time.

Now that you have tips on how to find volunteer opportunities that are a good fit for you, invite your family and friends along! Gathering a group of your peers makes volunteering even more fun and can make a bigger and better impact on the organization you’re helping. You can even take a break from the office and organize a volunteer outing with your co-workers! I promise you that however you decide to do it, volunteering will be more rewarding than you could ever imagine. So get out there and get involved…volunteer!

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