Achieving Balance and Living Your Passion

I often have people ask me, “How do you make time for yourself?” It isn’t always easy, but it is something that I have learned to make a priority.  As women in business, we are all very busy with work and the list of other things like family, friends, volunteer work – it goes on and on.  It’s important to not get too caught up in it all.  Easier said than done, I realize.  But over the years, I’ve found various tools that have helped me strike a healthy work/life balance.  My hope in sharing them with you is that you’ll also find this same balance.

1.  Consider working with a life/health coach. Growing up, we all had teachers, coaches and mentors helping us to be our very best. Remember that?  Then, when we become adults, we think we should know to do it all ourselves.  Let me just tell you, I’ve been working with a coach for a year and a half and this relationship has helped me immensely!  Think about it – you’re stressed about XYZ, have a million things going on all at once and feel like you might be on the brink of spiraling out of control.  Then, you go to your life coach to talk it out, develop an approach and help put everything into perspective.  I invest time with my coach every week to constantly reevaluate my professional and personal lives so that I can prioritize and achieve a healthy balance with the two.

2.  Practice yoga and/or meditation. In our fast-paced business worlds, it’s sometimes hard to disconnect and clear our minds.  Yoga and meditation will help you achieve this in the best possible way.  Just 30 minutes a day can help stretch your muscles, increase your energy and strengthen your core.  I have seen and felt an amazing difference in my overall health and fitness. It is so important as we age. Meditation encourages the practice of living in the present. Putting things into perspective.  Clearing your mind.  Focusing on the now.  Just five minutes a day to start off can make a big impact.  I’ve been able to develop my practice with daily yoga and meditation over time and have been able to apply it to achieving the same practice in life, overall.  In order to find a healthy balance in life, one must be completely aware of what is going on in the here and now and continue to invest the time in your mind, body and spirit.

3.  Live your passion. I also believe it’s very important to find passion in what you do.  My professional and personal lives are so closely tied and I’m sure many of yours are, too.  Since I love what I do, work doesn’t feel like “work” to me.  I’m lucky to have an incredibly supportive family but also truly feel as if I’ve created my “salon family” within my career.  I know that the people I’ve surrounded myself with will support me as their leader and complete their designated work to sustain the business. I’ve found that it is much easier to find a better balance in life if you do what you love, and love what you do – AND surround yourself with people you can trust and your biggest cheerleaders.

Not sure what you love?  Discover it!  For one week, jot down notes about how you are feeling as you go along with your work day agenda.  Write down what makes you excited and brings out your passion.  Also write down what depletes your energy and makes you feel frustrated.  With this, you will clearly begin to see the purpose that you are passionate about in your career.  Now, all you need to do is start designing your work around those key factors. Once you find it, I encourage you to live your passion, find your balance and ultimately, discover true happiness.

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