Presentations that leave people talking.

Those who hear Debra speak are always impacted by the content of her presentations and the energy of her delivery.

Here are some audience member comments:

“As a longtime, trusted financial partner, we asked Debbie to speak to our group about what a relationship means from a customer perspective. As expected, she was honest, forthright, and eloquent in her description of what she and Charles Penzone, Inc. expect in a partnership. She has a way of communicating that puts audiences at ease while delivering impactful points. As a follow up to our meeting, we were asked what we wanted to see more of in the future: more customer perspective ranked the highest. This would not have been the result without Debbie’s and our guests talent in front of a large crowd. We appreciate our longtime relationship with Debbie and CPI and look forward to more years to come.”

Doug Howard
Vice President, Huntington National Bank

“Debra Penzone has been a huge supporter of NAWBO Columbus as a member, as a speaker, as hostess of an event, and as a donator of Charles Penzone’s products and services. Recently, Debra hosted an evening event of pampering for NAWBO Columbus at the Polaris Grand Salon location. About 40 members of NAWBO Columbus attended this event and were treated with complimentary mini-manicures, make-up applications, hand massages, and hair styling. Debra even gave each attendee a swag bag with a gift certificate for future use and a bottle of fashionable nail polish. The Members and Corporate Partners of NAWBO Columbus want to thank Debra Penzone for her generosity and support. She truly is a champion of women-owned business!”

Caroline Worley
Owner, Worley Law, LLC & NAWBO Columbus President

“I was lucky to hear Debra Penzone speak at Awesome Women in Business in Columbus, Ohio and was moved by her kind words and motivational advice.   She is a successful business woman, but also knows the importance of being well rounded by helping others, while taking time to keep herself  happy and healthy.  She is so friendly and fun, I felt a kinship with her, in just a brief time.  Debra is truly an example of what all women should aspire to be.”

Kimm Hrdlicka-Tigges
Executive District Manager, Arbonne International & Awesome Women in Business Member

“Debbie’s Club was the best thing to happen for our 6th, 7th & 8th grade female students. Where there was bullying and pettiness, there is now understanding, compassion, and tolerance for differences.  The girls had such a rewarding experience and their “sign” still hangs proudly in the hallway as a reminder to see the beauty in everyone.”

Julie Valentine
Director of Development, Springfield Catholic Central School

“I truly enjoyed listening to your speech. I felt revitalized after leaving the seminar. I took away from your speech some ideas I want to implement in my company: the importance of quality work and helping our employees realize the purpose in their work. My sister, Christine Robertson, and I own the company and we value the importance of great customer service and employee retention.”

Jennifer Dahman
Vice President, Capital Services Inc.

“Wow! Talk about an inspirational evening! It was so interesting to learn what makes a successful team. Thank you so much for a great experience and sharing ‘the going the distance delivering guest service like a champion.'”

Kelsey Webb
WNCI radio

“Debra, you were very professional, enthusiastic, and clearly interested in my employees. You knew just how to keep them fired up about our company.”

Gary Ross
President, Cott Systems

“Debra’s passion in creating an amazing experience for every guest and associate who walks into a Charles Penzone Salon was evident in her message to the President’s Forum. Debra’s leadership in her company, industry, and community exemplifies to all of her associates the importance in finding purpose in their work. Central Ohio is privileged to have Debra and her team engaged in so many places and creating beauty in all they do.”

Brandon Dupler
Principal, Dupler Office

“In a day full of speakers and workshops, Debra’s presentation was my favorite! The history of the Charles Penzone company and its commitment to developing its employees is truly inspiring. It was relevant for ALL businesses!”

Mark Henson
Chief Imagination Officer, sparkspace

“Team Penzone is nothing less than awesome! Their knowledge of the individual subject matters left our constituency literally spellbound! Ever more amazing is the passion each team member demonstrates in their presentations. It has been a pleasure work with your staff in turning our usual traditional meeting into very didactic, fun evenings.”

Patti Rutter
Vice President, COAOHN

“Debra Penzone can capture an audience with her sparkle and enthusiasm. Her messages are right on target for her audience. As a media consultant and speech coach, I’ve watch Debra grow to become an outstanding presenter. She’s my star student!”

Gail Hogan
Reputation Management Associates

“When I heard Debra Penzone speak at the President’s Forum of Columbus, I realized why Charles Penzone Salons are one of the top Salons in the world. It all begins with her honest passion for helping others. You immediately sense that she is a caring person. It is evident that she has created not only an oasis to visit but an oasis to work in.”

Travis J. Menke
Executive Vice President, yourQuest Personal Health Solutions®